Alissa Faber is an artisan and designer, creating sculptural glass and ceramic works of art in Burlington, Vermont. She graduated from Alfred University in 2009 with a  degree in sculpture and has worked in glass studios throughout Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. Alissa shares her passion with students of all ages, working as an educator in Burlington, teaching others how to take a raw material through the traditional processes of glassblowing and pottery. She is passionate about allowing students to explore materials as they create original artwork.

Alissa’s vessels display her enchantment with the process and movement of hot glass. She is fascinated with pushing known glass processes in a new direction. By using natural wood as her mold, each piece of wood is interacting with glass to create vessels with a  one-of-a-kind molded foot. Alissa’s interest extends to how materials behave together technically, as well as visually. She enjoys creating designs which continue to evolve beyond the cooled glass object, whether through the function of the piece or through its presentation.


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