Big Sky


ARTIST: Gregoire Moulin
DIMENSIONS: 60" x 120"
MEDIUM: photograph


Photographer Grégoire Moulin (b.1966) was born in Paris and spent much of his childhood in South Africa. The wild landscape and dramatic coastlines there became his first classroom, where he learned to appreciate and capture the beauty of his surroundings at an early age. 

When his family returned to France in the mid-1970s, Moulin completed his education and began his photographic career, first as an assistant at Studio 10/10, then at Paris’s Adamski Design as a junior designer. It was his work there that caught the attention of US-based design firm Overview & Longlook, Inc. where over the next 20 years Moulin mastered graphic design, art direction and the art of digital printing. 

More recently, Moulin has devoted himself to his photography and traveled the world, always with no specific itinerary but a willingness to be open to the sights that present themselves to be experienced and captured. This organic, serendipitous approach to his subjects, coupled with his superb technical skills, results in his elegantly structured and uniquely memorable photographs. His photographs have been exhibited in prestigious art and design fairs in Paris, Brussels and throughout the US, and his work is in several important private collections in Paris, Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles and many other US cities.

About the Photographs:

Most editions are based on 25 prints, diptychs & triptychs are limited to 15 prints

Each edition have a maximum of 4 A/Ps. All photographs are numbered, signed & finger printed. Custom sizes are available and are accounted in the editions.

The printing process is a digital toned black and white archival pigment print with the grain structure of Kodak’s TRI-X 400 film on Hanhemuehle FineArt Baryta Satin 

300gsm Fine Art 100% a-cellulose natural white, without optical brighteners it is also ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance.

The prints are vaccum mounted onto a rigid paper surfaced hard foam with acid barrier heat activated adhesive.