ARTIST: Heidi Palmer
DIMENSIONS: 22" x 31"
MEDIUM: oil on canvas


Light, air, and the meaning of time are the three elements that I try to address in my paintings.  Light governs the compositions both in my landscapes and interiors. It is the foundation from which I depart on the journey to find the meaning of the painting.  I start a canvas by addressing all the formal and traditional aspects such as composition, color, design, and so on. Light defines form, which is very concrete, but it also serves as the catalyst for delving into the ephemeral effects of air and atmosphere which help to clarify the sense of place.  This all comes about intuitively as the painting starts to reveal to me where it wants to go and what it is all about. The third element in my work, time, has taken on a progressively greater importance as I have realized how rich and complicated are its implications. Moments, memories, reveries, beginnings, endings, and longings are all part of what it is to be a human being in this world.  Through my work I hope that viewers can experience a sense of place and time and its significance for themselves.

Edgewater Gallery