Idaho Light


ARTIST: Michelle Osman
DIMENSIONS: 30" x 30"
MEDIUM: oil on canvas


I am obsessed with painting clouds. They are an ongoing and epic concert which lifts my consciousness. The turbulent sky is both an arena for distraction, meditation and reprieve from the day to day, while the land and our small existence on it pull me back to the stories hinted at in a pair of headlights in the waning light. The specificity of the cloud formations in my work alludes to a particular moment in time and place and the transience of that moment in our lives.

I work from photo references taped together in the style of David Hockney’s collages which capture the evolution of the cloud as it moves, morphs, builds and dissipates. The open narrative of Alexis Rockman’s weather drawings inspire me to maintain a sense of power and drama in the image while building up highly realized surfaces using the techniques of Titian and Vermeer, until the paintings are almost hyperreal.