Standing in the Moment


ARTIST: Carol Kapuscinsky
DIMENSIONS: 40" x 40"
MEDIUM: oil on canvas


I work as a contemporary realist using simplified imagery, painting landscapes with oils on canvas, glazing with thin layers of paint to reveal the transition between the visual, the spiritual and a feeling of space.

Inspired by the landscape, I first go out to photograph. I lose all track of time.  When I see places that excite me my heart beats so fast I almost lose my breath; it’s that spiritual tranquility you feel when you are there.

Then I come back to my studio to paint, and again I lose all track of time.  I’m back in the moment with the wind, the sounds and the exquisite beauty of nature.  I find it an enormous responsibility to paint a field, a stream, a place, and do it justice.  How can you paint something that takes your breath away?  How is it possible to recreate the moment?