The Orchid Man


ARTIST: Charlie Bluett
DIMENSIONS: 40" x 50"
MEDIUM: acrylic on canvas

Charlie Bluett has his studio in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He was born and educated at Eton College in the United Kingdom and has exhibited extensively in the UK and the United States. His work is held in both private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

Bluett is an abstract painter who is inspired by the ebb and flow of the natural processes of the earth. Using this as his reference, his interest is then in the process of building form, color, and surface texture into large scale compositions that are bold and dynamic, but also subtle in their shifting shapes and tones.

“My work is about the movement, the physics, the ethereality, the chemistry, the weather elements, the minerals and liquids and the shapes and the forms combined within the general overall sense of wonder we are all so privileged to live amongst and see each day.”