The Prize


ARTIST: Alexis Serio
DIMENSIONS: 20.25" x 18.5"
MEDIUM: framed, oil on canvas

My paintings are about the importance of memory in an individual’s lifetime. The concept of memory is a paradox. On the one hand, recollections exist as purely conceived constructs of present-day experience, giving us a clear division between then and now. On the other hand, the act of remembering readily informs our grasp of the now, thus making these distinctions unstable and fluid.

I explore this diminished division of time through my paintings so that they act as a metaphor for memory. I do not provide a true foothold beyond a horizon line or a suggested landscape palette for which to understand my paintings. Still, the viewer usually recognizes a particular place he or she has seen before. Through the execution of illusion and abstraction, I cultivate the personal experience of remembrance. In essence, I have painted the viewer’s memory.