Urban Study 7


ARTIST: Sherry Czekus
DIMENSIONS: 12" x 12"
MEDIUM: oil on canvas

Sherry Czekus is a Canadian painter based in Waterloo, Ontario. Czekus reconsiders flaneurism, the act of seeing and being seen in public places that emerged with the formation of an urban middle class “crowd” in the 19th C. Her works address crowd culture in public spaces, focusing on our increasingly common experience of being simultaneously members of both physical and virtual crowds developed from imagery sourced from her own photographic and video notation. Negotiating the buoyancy of figuration and abstraction, Czekus’ works examine the everyday experience of being fleetingly present within physical and virtual communities, and set out to explore the shifting boundaries and fragmentation of perception that accompany the movement between physical and networked environments.

Edgewater Gallery