Barbara Greene is a landscape painter who lives in northern Vermont where she’s actively involved in the art community.

Greene studied painting with Philip Shumaker and Lawrence Hirsch in New York, did studio work and studied art history as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, and subsequently pursued graduate coursework at the Cleveland Institute of Art as a non-degree student.

The artist says of her work; “I paint to communicate, to express with paint instead of words what I see and how I feel about it. Painting for me is both physical and emotional; working with color and brushes and occasionally other things with which to make marks, my goal is to capture on canvas not only a particular subject, but why it appealed to me.

An avid sailor, I’m drawn to water, and the connections between water and the land at its edges. Reflections of the land and sky on water—and bridges connecting places real or imaginary—often find their way into my work.

Not quite abstract yet not quite representational, my paintings reveal the basic elements of an approachable, identifiable context, but not the details. I work to create a sense of place, a place that may be readily recognizable to a viewer or may just feel somehow familiar. And through my work I invite viewers to share my visions of my subject matter—or to create their own.”

Barbara’s paintings are in private collections around the country and she has exhibited her work in a number of venues, including many in Vermont.



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