Gary Hall is an internationally published fine arts photographer specializing in architecture and interiors and is known for his luminous black & white landscape prints. He was educated in fine arts photography at Southern Illinois University where he studied with Charles Swedlund – a student of Aron Siskind. A native Vermonter, he has been exploring with his camera, in and about the Champlain Valley for over forty years.

I am attracted to landscapes that have a timeless appeal. I am drawn to the movements and reflections of water as a liquid, it’s sculptural pulse as snow, it’s ambiguity as fog as well as it’s abstract qualities while frozen. Rock and stone – once in a liquid state under great heat or bent by intense pressure, leave lasting impressions. Evidence of glaciers in the form of lakes and boulders left behind, present a recurring theme. Guided by the light created by various weather phenomenon, it is the interaction of these seemingly primordial states, along with the various signatures of man, that intrigue me.


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