My work is contemporary and minimal; it is about embracing change while creating something strong, timeless, and forward thinking. Much of my work is manifest of a desire to create objects that embody an idea of future architecture or design. This does not mean the pieces embody a utopic sense of the future, but that the human element, the small inconsistencies, become part of the work. I work primarily in metals, exploring the essential properties of shape and color.

Jon’s passion for working with metal started with the Metalwork Merit Badge at Boy Scout Camp. Upon returning from camp that summer, Jon and his friends summarily bought an anvil (which he still uses to this day), set up a forge and spent many soot and charcoal filled nights banging on metal, making nothing in particular.

After a year in college studying to become a history major, Jon felt the pull of metal again and took a year off to explore blacksmithing. Although the blacksmith life wasn’t for him, Jon went back to study art and business at the University of Vermont, graduating in 2012 with a Studio Art degree focusing on sculpture and metal.


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