My paintings are a dialogue of sorts between abstraction and representation. I find inspiration in industrialized forms juxtaposed against those that are organic, asymmetrical, and perfectly imperfect.  

Working predominantly with oils, I begin by making marks, lines, drawings and adding washes of color. It’s all about movement and gestures… it’s messy, spontaneous, chaotic, impulsive… I prefer to keep my palette limited and my canvas and brushes large. The composition reveals itself as shapes and forms appear and recede on the surface. I am not gentle or delicate in my approach to painting. I slap paint on the surface, pour it, scrape it, push it, and move it around with my fingers.

~Lynn Johnson


Lynn Johnson is an American born contemporary artist. She received her BFA from Iowa State University College of Art and worked for several years in the field of graphic art and design. A move from the mountain west to Georgia in 2000 forever altered her career path as she managed an admired art gallery in Atlanta. “I met the most amazing artists, clients and lovers of all things art who welcomed me into the local art community and encouraged me to continue painting. That was the spark, I’ve been painting professionally since 2010.”

Lynn is a full time painter living in suburban Atlanta. Her work has been exhibited in public and private collections throughout the United States and is often described as calming, serene and feminine.


Edgewater Gallery