Penny Billings works in a unique style of contemporary realism, creating atmospheric landscapes from her Massachusetts studio, in the Champlain Lake Valley of Vermont and in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

Penny’s award-winning oil paintings have been selected in national and international competition throughout the country, including at the Copley Society of Art in Boston and at the National Arts Club, Salmagundi Club and American Artists Professional League in New York, where she was honored with the highest award for landscape oil painting in its 85th Grand National Exhibition.

Her paintings grace fine art collections in both traditional and contemporary spaces across the United States.

My work is influenced by the incredibly diverse landscape of the Northeast, with its changing seasons and the striking intersection of light and shadow at certain times of day. I strive to capture and preserve that same luminous beauty in my oil paintings.

Light & the Tonalist Landscape

“The first spark of dawn, afternoon’s last light reflected in water, or a lifting storm can stir memory or emotion.  My landscapes, derived from a muted color palette, are intended to create a mood rather than depict a scene with absolute precision.  They originate from a small sketch painted on site or from my own memory or imagination, developed in the studio into the larger final work on linen with many glazed layers of oil paint and the same oil medium used by master artists historically.  The lengthy archival process, which can take weeks, gives the finished painting a translucent glow reflecting nature’s own.  By focusing my subjects on the striking transitional times of day and night, like early morning and evening, I strive to capture the atmospheric and often elusive intersection between light and shadow.”



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