Philip Frey was born in Portland, Maine in 1967, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting from Syracuse University in 1990, and has studied with master Maine artist, Alan Bray. He maintains a full-time studio practice nestled in the woods along the coast of downeast Maine and teaches select painting workshops each year. Frey’s primary focus is the color, light, and forms of the landscape as well as the figure and interiors. He paints from direct perception, preferring the dynamic quality, richness, and challenges of working from life. Frey is represented by Courthouse Gallery Fine Art, Edgewater Gallery, Maine Art Gallery, and Carver Hill Gallery.

Frey is a nationally exhibiting artist, with a long and steady show history in acclaimed galleries. His work is held in prominent private and corporate collections and has been featured in several publications.

Perceptions and my response are a catalyst and departure point for my paintings. The process and expression is an orchestration of the fundamental forms and abstract elements – building, discarding and keeping that which serves the painting and the experience. I work at not being beholden to forms, just for the sake of representation or aligning to particular artistic conventions. In other words, ‘anything-is-possible’ is lightly tethered to perceptions yet informed by self-reflection.

I invite the viewer to experience the painting as-it-is. As the artist Fairfield Porter suggested about his own work in a 1968 interview, I connect with my experience through the process of painting, and “the person who looks at it, gets it vicariously.”



Edgewater Gallery