I make Light Sculptures, using reed and handmade Japanese and Thai papers. It begins by making a reed or stick skeleton and then attaching paper, thus creating a translucent, taut skin that further defines the form. Finally, when lit from within the texture and color of the paper glow and a new feeling is created. There is a certain satisfaction in creating both a practical and functional piece of art.

Seeds, shells, stones, etc which I find when out of doors walking or gardening, inspire much of my work. Often I take a pod or seed idea and work it in different sizes and papers, always being aware and building the lighting aspect into the construction. The work process is often like a meditation, providing opportunities for reflection and problem solving. It demands patience and imagination as well as the use of practical lighting considerations. It is this time alone, working with the materials and experimenting that centers me and opens my mind to new possibilities.

After Hurricane Katrina, my husband and I moved from New Orleans to Middlebury, Vermont. I have a studio in town and also return to work in New Orleans for a few months in the winter.


Images shown are representative of the artist. Please contact the gallery for availability.

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