Both of Edgewater Gallery’s Middlebury locations are open to visitors. Our permanent collections are on view and we are continuing to offer solo and group exhibitions of new work throughout the 2020 season. When guests visit the galleries they can be assured that we are following current state and CDC guidelines for operating a small business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Though we are eager for customers to see our exhibitions in person, we feel that, especially now, it is important to give them an alternative to being in our physical spaces and so we will continue to present virtual tours of our exhibitions on our website. These virtual tours will give viewers the opportunity to experience shows as they appear in the gallery environment and to see individual works up close, with artist information and details of each piece.


Philip Frey, Holly Friesen & Ellen Granter


Autumn Solos at the Falls, on view for the month of October, features new collections from three of our established Edgewater artists: Philip Frey, Holly Friesen and Ellen Granter. The Gallery at the Falls with its separate rooms, lends itself to creating distinct areas for viewing each collection of work. The viewer can experience each artist’s group of paintings and then move on to browse our entire collection.


Philip Frey was born in Portland Maine and is a graduate of Syracuse University. He maintains a full time studio in the woods, on the coast of Downeast Maine. Frey’s primary focus in his painting is light, color and form and his immediate observations of these elements in the landscape and in interior spaces. He prefers broad, intentional brush strokes, creates bold planes of color and experiments with unexpected shades in his work.

Montreal based painter, Holly Friesen finds her inspiration in the wilderness of Quebec, northern New York State and Vermont. Her passion for her subject matter is evidenced through her energetic and varied brushwork, her bold underpainting, rich palette and thoughtful landscape compositions. Friesen’s connectedness to the earth is deep and she expresses a hope that we can learn to coexist with and protect our open spaces rather than destroy them.

Ellen Granter is a long established Edgewater artist who expresses her appreciation and affection for the beauty of the New England coastline and the birds and creatures who inhabit this landscape, through her serene and graceful paintings. Granter was born in New York City and attended college at the University of Vermont. After studying Chinese and Chinese history in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Middlebury College, she earned a Master’s in Chinese history from The University of Vermont. She now has her studio in Newburyport, Massachusetts where she can easily access the coastal regions of New England and its varied and rich population of wildlife. Ellen Granter captures the quiet beauty of the coast or the charm and character of a bird through subtle shifting planes of color interspersed with detailed brushwork and occasional areas of gold leaf.

We hope you are able to make it to the gallery to experience “Elements: Constructed/Deconstructed”. For those who cannot, please enjoy the virtual tour of the exhibition, artist conversations, and details of the individual work here on our website. For inquiries email us at [email protected], call 802-458-0098 or buy online and receive free shipping.


Philip Frey

Holly Friesen

Ellen Granter

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