Below is a selection of some of the work we will be featuring at the Basin Harbor Artist Paintout. Four of our talented artists will take up residence at the club to paint “en plein air” and capture the natural beauty of the lake, the mountains, and the fields and forests that surround the club. Click on the artists’ names to visit their individual pages for more information.

The paintout will be held at Basin Harbor, 4800 Basin Harbor Road, Vergennes, VT. Click here for directions.

For additional event information, please click here.

For more information on any of these pieces, please contact the gallery at 802.458.0098.

Kate Gridley maintains a studio in Middlebury, Vermont, where she has lived and painted full time since 1991. She was awarded a Hutchinson Memorial Fellowship from Williams College in 1978, and continued her study of painting in New York City and Florence, Italy. She painted the official state portrait of Governor Jim Douglas of Vermont, which currently hangs in the Vermont Statehouse, as well as the official portrait of William K. Sessions lll, which hangs in the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building in Washington D.C.

Joe Bolger is inspired by the study of light, deriving inspiration from classical American artists, the Old Masters, and Impressionists. His visual language is also inspired by the writings of John Carlson, Edgar Payne, Charles Hawthorne, and Richard Schmid. Bolger’s plein air landscapes are renowned for their stunning portrayal of light and color, presenting classical Vermont scenes with an exciting contemporary twist. Bolger currently resides in Shoreham, Vermont.

Scott Addis is from Pennsylvania and is currently based in Montreal, Canada. He frequently explores the Vermont countryside, along with his ancestral roots that draw him to the area. Addis presents iconic representations of rural life with a painterly quality that offers each painting as both an image and an experience. By pouring his own emotion into the way the paint is handled, Addis opens the opportunity for the viewer to access their own emotional experience through his artwork.

Vcevy Strekalovsky is a painter, architect, and classical guitarist. He graduated from Middlebury College in 1960, and went on to earn a masters in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Strekalovsky is the president of Strekalovsky Architecture in Hingham Massachusetts, and spends much of his time in Weybridge, Vermont. He draws and paints primarily from life to provide an everyday experience for the viewer, finding many parallels between painting and architectural design.

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