Both of Edgewater Gallery’s Middlebury locations are open to visitors. Our permanent collections are on view and we are continuing to offer solo and group exhibitions of new work throughout the 2020 season. When guests visit the galleries they can be assured that we are following current state and CDC guidelines for operating a small business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Though we are eager for customers to see our exhibitions in person, we feel that, especially now, it is important to give them an alternative to being in our physical spaces and so we will continue to present virtual tours of our exhibitions on our website. These virtual tours will give viewers the opportunity to experience shows as they appear in the gallery environment and to see individual works up close, with artist information and details of each piece.

Jonathan Ebinger, Duncan Johnson & Jim Westphalen


Edgewater presents our virtual exhibition of, “Elements:Constructed/Deconstructed”, a group show featuring the work of Jonathan Ebinger, Duncan Johnson and Jim Westphalen, on view at Edgewater Gallery on the Green, 6 Merchant’s Row, Middlebury, for the months of August and September.


Art imitates life as the three artists explore the themes of building and taking apart structural elements, along with chronicling the disintegration of architectural structures in our landscape. These themes are echoed outside the gallery windows as we witness the height of the bridge construction project in downtown Middlebury.


Each of the three artists featured in this exhibition works in a different medium, and all three skillfully use their chosen medium to create evocative, complex, and expressive work. Materials, process, and construction are important in the pieces.


Jonathan Ebinger builds his animal sculptures from steel washers and hex nuts, welded together to form creatures who appear to have been caught mid-motion. The juxtaposition of rigid materials and the fluidity of the finished sculpture is extraordinary. The rigid materials come together to form an animal that seems to live and breathe.

“To me they are not just construction materials, but rather pieces of a puzzle that I am able to fit together to create whatever kind of sculpture I can imagine. They are metal shapes; hexagons and perfect circles of all different sizes. When I bring together all of these geometric shapes, they have an intriguing and inviting look and feel.”

Duncan Johnson crafts his wall sculptures from reclaimed wood that is carefully prepared, cut and fitted. His skill as a woodworker means that he can create intricate wall pieces that play with light, shadow, layering and patterning. Even the nails used in the construction of each piece become important subtle elements.

“The work contains aspects of sculpture, drawing and painting, referencing many of my interests from quilting to architecture.”

“Throughout history, man in his innate determination has attempted to build his creations in ways that will forever stand the test of time. But invariably, what the hands of man construct, the forces of nature will slowly yet relentlessly deconstruct. These images are a testament to both the ingenuity and resilience of man as well as the relentless power and impact of nature’s elements through the passage of time.”

We hope you are able to make it to the gallery to experience “Elements: Constructed/Deconstructed”. For those who cannot, please enjoy the virtual tour of the exhibition, artist conversations, and details of the individual work here on our website. For inquiries email us at [email protected], call 802-458-0098 or buy online and receive free shipping.


Jonathan Ebinger

Duncan Johnson

Jim Westphalen

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