We are thrilled to be reopening our Middlebury galleries to the public but the safety of our staff and our visitors is our top concern and we will therefore be operating on a reduced schedule, practicing social distancing and following current health guidelines for Vermont businesses. For these reasons we feel that it is important to give visitors an alternative to being in our physical spaces and so we will continue to present virtual tours of our exhibitions on our website. These virtual tours will give viewers the opportunity to experience shows as they appear in the gallery environment and to see individual works up close, with artist information and details of each piece.

Alexis Serio, Jane Davies & Caleb Kenna


Welcome to Edgewater Gallery’s online exhibition “Perspectives”, a group show featuring the work of painters Jane Davies and Alexis Serio and new Edgewater artist, photographer Caleb Kenna. “Perspectives” is on view at Edgewater Gallery at the Falls for the month of May. The energy of the exhibition is palpable with each artist’s unique vision culminating in work that is dynamic in composition, color and design.
Viewers will see three very different “perspectives”. For abstract painter, Davies, it’s about working with multiple elements – (layering, texture, color, line and shape) until they make a visual sense. Alexis Serio uses a horizon line as a grounding point in her work but from there her pieces become fluid, abstract and dreamlike, reminding each viewer of a familiar emotional place. Caleb Kenna photographs the Vermont landscape in a way that transcends a literal representation of his subject matter. Through the use of a drone the artist presents aerial views of the landscape and we see the landscape transformed. Familiar locations become abstracted compositions of pattern, texture and color.


My work is a metaphor for time, memory, and perception. My paintings are philosophical and formal investigations about the visual perception of light and color, the personal experience of remembering and inventing, and the natural illusiveness of time. My paintings are selective and ideals of the truth, yet they are still the truth. They are reflections of my past, the events that I have drawn out as precious time and the stories of beauty I wish to share with the viewer. I seek imagery that is constantly moving such as light and water as a platform to explore such philosophies. I do not provide a true foothold beyond a horizon line or a suggested landscape palette for which to understand my paintings. Still, the viewer usually recognizes a particular place he or she has seen before. Through the execution of illusion and abstraction, I cultivate the personal experience of remembrance for the viewer

I like to throw together disparate visual elements – lines, shapes, masses, for example – as if they washed up on the beach in a random arrangement, and then see how I can make some visual sense of them, formally. “Making sense” involves layering and layering, adding and painting over, pursuing a few dead-end directions, before something clicks, and the painting takes shape. The result is unpredictable, of course, and always surprising to me. It is only after the fact that I relate the visual content to a specific feeling or place, at which point I can sometimes assign pieces their titles. It feels like throwing a hypothesis into the wind, and seeing it get tossed around before returning with a tentative answer to a different question.

One sign of a dedicated photographer is their dirty knees, because they are often kneeling on the ground to capture a low angle. Another giveaway for a serious photographer is that they always have a step ladder on hand for the next shoot. In addition to light, color and timing, perspective is one of the fundamental building blocks of photography. In the old days I would hire an airplane once or twice a year to make photos above the Green Mountains. Now I set up my drone, launch it into the sky and soar with the birds looking for new aerial perspectives of Vermont.

We hope to be able to invite you into the gallery to experience “Perspectives” but until that time, look for a virtual tour of the exhibition, artist conversations, and details of the individual work here on our website. For inquiries email us at [email protected], call 802-458-0098 or buy online and receive free shipping.


Alexis Serio

Jane Davies

Caleb Kenna

Edgewater Gallery