Atlantic Tide




Born in New York City, I grew up outside of Rochester, N.Y., and received a B.A. from the University of Vermont in 1984. I studied Chinese in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Middlebury College, and finished my Chinese studies with an MA in Chinese History from the University of Vermont in 1988.

After moving to Boston, I became a graphic designer and currently work days as an art director for an educational publishing firm.  As an antidote to the constraints of my computer-intensive graphic design career, I began painting, and over time became integrated with painting. To brush dabs of oil on a surface, in a human effort to capture the sublime, is a challenge that has made me hyper-aware of the textures, shapes, and patterns of daily life. I believe that a beautiful painting is both a gift of vision and a testament of appreciation for our short lives here on this beautiful Earth.