The aroma of salt air, salt spray on my skin, an old fish shack on Cape Cod. Sunshine bouncing on the waters of the North Shore. The silence of a marsh, broken only by the occasional call of a bird. Late-day sunlight casting on a cottage on the coast of Maine, and summer beach roses fragrantly, delicately blossoming in defiance of rugged cliffs.

These are a few of my favorite things.

The crisp blue of a clear summer sky, the brilliance of light, are elements that have drawn me outdoors since childhood. I thrive on watching an early morning sunrise over the ocean at Coast Guard Beach, and completing the day’s cycle at sunset, as the sun dips kaleidoscopically into Cape Cod Bay. Some huge power beyond us is continually evident.

I attempt to put my love of the outdoors into tangible, visceral form through paint, oil specifically. I adore the buttery feel and spreading qualities of oil paint, particularly on wood panel. The smoothness of application of paint on board allows me to express and translate, as spontaneously and directly as possible, the essence of a place.

Whether a painting is done en plein air and reaches for the overall mood and atmosphere of a location, or is a larger somewhat more studied studio work that strives to convey an interpretation of a brief slice of a moment in an ever-changing atmosphere and light conditions, my objective is to portray a timely yet timeless quality of that place. That is, in the 21st century, with my small history of beliefs and experiences, I attempt for a brief moment to connect to the vast play of light and shadow that flows across our enormous expanse of universe, and humbled, say in paint, the spirit, the spirituality, of place.

I paint expressively and passionately, vigorously and muscularly, applying paint in large gestures relative to the paint surface, with a palette knife only, blending minimally to keep the freshness of the impression of that one moment. There is tremendous joy in the entire process for me. I hope you enjoy the result. Thank you for looking.