Over the River




 Primarily a landscape painter, Hoag focuses not only on the beauty of her surroundings in Maine but on the balance and calm her paintings can give the viewer.

Hoag, who has lived in Maine for about 25 years, has a studio in Westbrook. After taking photographs on walks around her Portland neighborhood or one of the many trails around the state, she goes to work in her studio.  Hoag normally starts with a dark canvas, or negative space, and builds up by adding light. For her, the result is both abstract and representational.

Hoag blends the ideas inspired by her nature experiences into her work, using mostly acrylic paint on canvas. “It seems I have always leaned toward realistic work, but I like abstract. It’s looser.”  She describes the work as “misty” when she discusses the pulling of light color over dark. “It is the light and color that makes a space quiet,” she says.

Hoag especially focuses on trees, as she feels they are the part of the landscape that gives depth and frames the beauty of the outdoors. “They are an integral part of nature. We take them in without thinking about them,”

Her work is held in private collections across the country.