With over 200 submissions to our first juried show, it is clear that there is an abundance of talent in the New England Area. We had a wonderful turn out for the opening reception where many of the artists were able to come and converse about their process. Techniques and artistic theories were shared among the like minded crowd.

Congratulations to Neil Berger for his
BEST OF SHOW entry “Friends”

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The Color Of Light

The pieces exhibited in this show were chosen as a best representation to the idea of what the color of light meant to the artist. When submitting their work, they were asked about their personal view on how their work related to the concept behind the show. 

Neil Berger – Best of Show

Sometimes a strong, slicing light breaks up objects in a surprising way, and aids in the process of seeing, as opposed to thinking in terms of named objects. I also paint people in the park as a meditation on how we gain sustenance from the sun and the outdoors, mostly without consciousness, just by being naturally drawn outside to open spaces. 

Elizabeth Nelson – Second Place

We are challenged with harsh weather, extremes of temperature and the long duration of a winter, but we are also rewarded with extraordinary beauty. The changing light sculpts, reveals and obscures the bones of the land, but the underlying reality is still subliminally understood. 

Ellen Hopkins Fountain – Third Place

As a very young child, I was eager to paint color. Color was it! Color was everything! It was the reason for making pictures! When I learned much later that it was actually light that I was looking at, I was dazzled.  The “color of light” became a new way of seeing. To this day, I get excited to paint color and the light that makes it all possible.

Honorable Mentions – Julie Houck, Gregory Gorman, Heamin Jeong


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