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S T A Y   F R E S H

We know winter can get monotonous, so we’ve set up the gallery with our freshest, most vibrant pieces of artwork to keep your spirit and creativity alive. Take a vacation through Cynthia Kirkwood’s bold paintings, enjoy the fun spin Sarah Ashe takes on household light, get in the groove with live music from Jamie Masefield and Doug Perkins, and spread your Valentine’s love around with our many festive gifts that will have you screaming out, “l’amour, c’est magnifique” in no time!

wish you were here!


Cynthia Kirkwood, ‘Yellow Beach Chairs’ oil on canvas, 30′ x 36′
“It’s a mystery – how there’s no end to the colours – all colours – colours around me in nature, in this room, in my memory, in the tubes of paint in my studio – no end to the combinations of colour and the paintings to be made. There’s no end. I think about that a lot lately.”  – Cynthia Kirkwood
Edgewater Gallery