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Poppy Fields


Photography originates with light.  Pattern is the form, the symmetry, the composition.  Motion is an expression of time…  I consider these the essential elements of photography.  They are the pieces of the puzzle that is the creation. How and where I choose to place these pieces, a combination of my perspective and integrating elements to form the whole, is where I depend on intuition.  This is where my art is born.

From the back woods of Vermont, to the western shores of Washington; high in the Andes of Peru and deep into the wild of Alaska, I find inspiration in what is often overlooked- the simple things that blanket the earth.  Magic lives everywhere; the feathered blade of golden grass blowing in the wind, the current rippling in a mountainside stream and the ever-changing light defining the voice of those moments.  I am fascinated by how we perceive reality and how that perception determines what we see.  I seek the poetry of our landscape; the imagery I hope to convey.  The sacred moments where light, sound, color and texture harmonize make me smile…. This moment will never be seen quite the same again.

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