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B A R B A R A   B A K E R – B U R Y
o c t o b e r ‘ s   f e a t u r e d   a r t i s t

O P E N I N G   R E C E P T I O N
f r i d a y ,   o c t o b e r   1 4 ,   5 – 7 p m

“I often paint the way I garden – with abandon and few plans.  It feels like an indulgence, a feast; a happy, happy place for me to be.  I see that when you love something, you are most open to learning from it.  Working with brushes, palette knives, sometimes my fingers, I apply oil paint to paper.  The painting unfolds little by little, each new gesture taking the lead from previous ones, so that a finished piece has depended on itself, rather than an outside source for inspiration.  Things work out best for me when natural laws and acquired technique ride along on the wings of instinct and intuition.” – Barbara Baker-Bury


“Lavender Cloud” oil on paper, 11″ x 9″, $600



“Gold Square”, oil on paper, 4″ x 17″, $600


Edgewater Gallery