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I N   T H E   T R E E S
m a r c h   6   –   m a y   9
O P E N I N G   R E C E P T I O N
f r i d a y ,   m a r c h   9 ,   5 – 7   p m
w i t h   s p e c i a l   p r e s e n t a t i o n   f r o m   G a r y   S t a r r   o n   b i r d i n g   a n d   d e c o y s

Celebrate the longer days through our newest group exhibition, IN THE TREES, welcoming the season’s return of light and life. On view through May 9, featuring artists Missy Dunaway, Ellen Granter, Nissa Kauppila, Genise Park, Julia Purinton, Peter Roux, Cameron Schmitz, and Gary Starr, IN THE TREES explores the curious life spent under canopies and in the air. Catch the dynamic patterns of scattered light through sharp branches, and the reverie of swaying foliage, in the paintings of Julia Purinton, Peter Roux, and Cameron Schmitz; be inspired by the camaraderie of flock life through the paintings of Ellen Granter and Genise Park; explore the fine, poetic, details of various bird species through the ink and gouache paintings of Missy Dunaway and Nissa Kauppila, and the hand carved wood decoys of Gary Starr.

IN THE TREES celebrates its opening with a reception from 5 – 7 pm on March 9, during which Gary Starr presents the history and process of decoy building, and his experience birding around the world; the exhibit remains on view through May 9. For more information, and to see the rest of the exhibit, click HERE

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