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J O N   O L S E N
j u n e ‘ s   f e a t u r e d   a r t i s t

O P E N I N G   R E C E P T I O N
f r i d a y ,   j u n e   1 0 ,   5 – 7 p m


Come celebrate the opening of June’s Featured Artist Exhibit as we host a reception for photographer Jon Olsen on Friday, June 10th, during the Middlebury Arts Walk.

“I have always been an amateur naturalist and a student of the visual arts. I enjoy exploring the landscape and its many components. I find the variations in light, form, texture and color fascinating, with endless possibilities for study and observation. I am generally drawn toward the pastoral and simplicity in design.”

Jon’s work will be on display through June 30th.

Edgewater Gallery