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E D G E W A T E R   W E L C O M E S :
C H A R L I E   H U N T E R

Joining us as part of our most recent exhibit, “LOCOMOTION: reflections from the American road trip”, we’re pleased to celebrate the addition of Charlie Hunter to our exceptional collection of artists. Read Charlie’s artist statement below, followed by an interview with ARTSCOPE Magazine.

“I was born in a small town in New Hampshire where we used to swim in the abandoned granite quarries. We had pigs and chickens and rambling barns. I’d walk home from school along the branchline rails of the Boston & Maine, and read the names and slogans on the box cars that’d roll by, things like “The Nickel Plate Road” and “Santa Fe All The Way”…..
When they put a highway bypass through our barns, my family returned to the house built by my great, great, great grandfather in Vermont, where my Great Aunts lived. We made (and still make) maple syrup there and had (and still have) a hand-cranked cider press which makes amazing cider but can remove a finger if you’re not careful (just ask Uncle Andrew).

My Dad was an occasional minister who ran a small print shop. There was always a lot of paper and drawing stuff around. I drew a lot. Though I did not appreciate it at the time, in college I was lucky enough to be forced to draw the figure every morning from 8:00 am till noon. Afterwards, I got a job designing tour posters for acts like The Clash and REM and The Jerry Garcia Band. I got to design a lot of album covers.

Now I live back in Vermont on the banks of the Connecticut River in an old mill town. There, I like to paint what nature does to what man creates. I tend to use a monochromatic ‘earth palate’ blend of ultramarine blue, viridian, yellow ochre and burnt sienna. Sometimes I do an underpainting from life, then, in the studio, apply transparent glazes (of pretty much the same colors) on top. Sometimes this works and sometimes it makes a big mess. But I always learn something.

Last year I was invited to join the Putney Painters, run by Richard Schmid and his wife Nancy Guzik. A bunch of us get together just down the road on most Saturdays and we paint up a storm. It’s amazing fun.

My goal is to paint beautifully that which is not traditionally considered beautiful. Sorta like a less-grotesque Anselm Keifer in a considerably better mood. It’s my hope that these paintings maybe move you even a little bit as much as the way the real thing moves me. Thanks for looking.” – Charlie Hunter

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