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Maine based artist, Philip Frey will be hosting a fun and intensive 2-day painting workshop on August 19th-20th. Open to all abilities, this is a wonderful opportunity to hone your skills or learn the basics! The workshop will focus on dynamic still life painting with individual instruction from the artist. Frey will share his knowledge of composition, principles of design, and technical aspects of painting.

“Philip is a delight to work with, giving freedom yet challenges to students of all levels, based in a deep knowledge of expressionistic landscape painting,” says artist and student, Vcevy Strekalovsky of Hingham, MA.

Frey’s states, “My work is about the painting itself: color, light, surface texture, brushstroke, shape, movement and how all that fits together on the canvas. I am inspired by a feeling, a connection to my everyday experiences: evocative color; unexpected light; and fleeting gestures. Perceptions are the inspiration but the act of painting: the dance between the paint; my tools; my hands; and the surface is the real juice behind my work.”

Don’t miss this workshop as Frey shares his process and his passion for creating. Along with demos from the artist, the workshop will give participants time to work on small quick paintings and longer sittings.

Call Edgewater at the Falls at 802-458-0098 for more information or to sign up!

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