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This weekend we are lucky to have one of our highlighted artists, Vcevy Strekalovsky, come into the gallery and do an en plein air demonstration. Most of his work is painted in this manner, which means “from life” and is a well-known technique used by a couple of our other gallery-affiliated artists. We are excited for him to do this since it is going to give some valuable insight on his work and creative process.

Vcevy alternates between working in oils and watercolors since it “keeps him on his toes and out of stagnation” and his diverse subjects include, among others, both urban and rural landscapes, seascapes, animals, and figures. His pieces which are on display now depict lots of local Middlebury scenes reflective of his roots as an alum of the college. His event on Saturday will be one not to miss and will be a great chance to see his work, learn about his painting technique, and talk to him over some yummy treats from Breadloaf Bakery!

We hope to see all of you visiting for Middlebury College’s Fall Family Weekend as well as any newcomers to the area in the gallery this Saturday!

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