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One of six featured artists in Edgewater on the Green’s October group show “Of the Land,” Tom Marrinson is a sculptor best known for his vibrant ceramic bowls. “It’s a classic form, it’s a beautiful form, and the thing I think that most people are attracted to is that when they’re lit, and you look at them, they take on this bottomless sort of feel” says Tom. His vessels are truly one-of-a-kind. Each piece ranges in size, color and finish. They are created with the use of low fire white earthenware that is slab and wheel formed. The bowls are airbrush painted, inside and out, and fired once, leaving a matte finish that creates an almost optical illusion like effect. Viewers of his work often comment that the way in which the unglazed bowls absorbs the light, makes it hard to discern the exact depth. Edgewater Gallery on the Green is now displaying his new white rimmed bowls, a subtle design change, which coupled with bright new colors, transforms the age-old form yet again. To learn more about Tom, please click to view the recent article in the Addison Independent about him.

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