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We present to you Rebecca Kinkead’s newest collection of work,WILD LIFE, a true celebration of unfettered joy. Throughout the exhibition Edgewater joins Kinkead in her supports of local Humane Societies: one selected painting (“Catch no. 10”, pictured below) will be on silent auction to benefit Homeward Bound – a division of the Addison County Humane Society – and 10% of all gallery painting sales throughout the month will be donated to the Chittenden County Humane Society. During the opening Whistle Pig will be on site and gifting one lucky exhibition attendee with a bottle of their critically acclaimed straight rye whiskey.

” C a t c h   n o .   1 0 ”    o i l   o n   c a n v a s ,   4 8 ”  x  4 8 ”
b u y   n o w   o p t i o n :   $ 1 0 , 0 0 0

s i l e n t   a u c t i o n   r u n s   o c t o b e r   1   t h r o u g h   m i d – n o v e m b e r
c o n t a c t   g a l l e r y   t o   m a k e   a   b i d ,   f o r   a n   u p d a t e
o n   t h e   c u r r e n t   b i d ,   o r   t o   b u y   n o w
8 0 2 . 4 5 8 . 0 0 9 8   |   s h a w n a @ e d g e w a t e r g a l l e r y – v t . c o m

  A B O U T   H O M E W A R D   B O U N D   A N I M A L   W E L F A R E   C E N T E R

The Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center, a division of the Addison County Humane Society, is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the well being of homeless, abandoned and abuse/neglected animals.

Founded in 1975, Homeward Bound continues to serve as the only animal shelter in Addison County and since its inception has served over 20,000 animals. It serves more animals per resident than nearly any other shelter in the state and offer programs and services to meet a wide array of critical animal welfare needs. Homeward Bound provides these services without any county, state or federal funding or financial support from any national organizations.

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