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01octAll Day15novTidalA Solo Exhibition featuring Ellen Granter(All Day) Edgewater Gallery at Middlebury Falls

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Featuring the work of Ellen Granter

October 1 – Noveber 15, 2022
Edgewater Gallery at the Falls

Friday October 7th
5:00PM – 6:30PM

In “Tidal”, a solo exhibition of new work by Ellen Granter, Granter continues her exploration of the New England coast and the creatures who inhabit the waters, beaches, dunes, and marshlands around her home. The artist spends mornings walking the coast, observing not only the vast seascape and skies but also the wildlife and small wonders that live in the sand and seaweed along the shore. She studies the changes that come to the landscape and bird population as the day progresses and the seasons fade, one to the next.

A walk on the beach is different then a walk anywhere else. The sky is big at the beach. I love to be able to see what is coming; approaching fog banks, contrails of planes arriving from over the Atlantic, or mad flocks of gannets diving for fish.

As a painter, I am torn between looking down at the random compositions of the snarled seaweed, driftwood, and shells in the wrack line, and looking up at the surf and skies for birds and clouds. I am a born “mudlark”, always searching for sea glass, shells, and “treasure”.

In addition to clam and mussel shells, seagulls, dories, and Sanderlings, this group of paintings includes a series of Moon Snail images. I named them all for the features on the map of our moon. These enormous and heavy snail shells collect in certain places on the beach. I love their sun-bleached exteriors, juxtaposed with their deeply colored interiors, but be careful picking them up. Hermit Crabs also love to make their homes inside.

– Ellen Granter

Ellen Granter lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts where she can be close to the landscape that she chooses to study and paint. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont and a Master’s in Chinese History also from the University of Vermont. Though she worked as a graphic designer early in her career, Granter made the switch to full time painting when it became possible to focus solely on her fine art work. She is known for her tranquil paintings of the New England coast and her careful representation of the wildlife that inhabits the region. Her studies of Chinese culture and history surface in her approach to composition and her use of gold leaf.

For more information about “Tidal” a solo show of new paintings by Ellen Granter, call the gallery at 802-458-0098 or email us at [email protected].

To view Ellen Granter’s available work click here.


October 1 (Saturday) - November 15 (Tuesday)


Edgewater Gallery at Middlebury Falls

1 Mill Street Middlebury, Vt 05753


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